It makes the web pages and images load faster so that users can visit the site without having to wait for too long. A site with a slow loading time is very frustrating for a potential customer. This is especially true if the potential customer types in the URL of the website that they are planning to visit. If the images are slow to load, the potential customer will leave immediately and look for another site that is more convenient.

Image Optimization ensures that a website does not have to wait while the images are downloaded. The software is set to download all the images and CSS codes as soon as the pages are opened on the web server. It is also set to download only those items that are new in the web page. The items that have changed will be downloaded last, so that new images are not being downloaded while items that are already in the page are being downloaded. Image Optimization will make sure that each item is downloaded to its proper location. It is important to note that many of these programs are capable of optimizing not only the images but the HTML pages as well.

The program works by finding duplicate texts or words within an HTML page. Then, it will replace these words with one that is more relevant to the page. For example, instead of repeating the word "shop" it will search for "capitalization". There are many other reasons why these Optimization programs will work.

Optimizing sites takes time, effort and a lot of dedication. It does not happen overnight and usually requires several weeks. There are many benefits that come with using an image optimization program. The first benefit is that when a website's page becomes slow in loading, customers will go to another company to buy what they need. This is because they do not want to wait on a website that is having problems.