Image optimization is the process of optimizing a photograph or images on the Internet to be able to have it be displayed on the top pages of the search engines. It is not just webmasters who would need it, but every website owner out there would really benefit from having their sites optimized. In today's world where you can find almost anything online and almost anything on the Internet, websites would really benefit a lot from using images to optimize them. But what is image optimization? What is its purpose? Why is it needed by both webmasters and website owners?

Image optimization, as what has been mentioned earlier, is a process of making a certain website better by increasing the chances of the information uploaded on it being accessed by the possible users who are looking for the information. This means that if a website contains information that is relevant to the target audience of the website, then it will attract more visitors. However, if there is certain information that does not hold the relevance with the target audience, then the website may not be well-visited and that would then translate to a loss in revenue.

The first reason why image optimization is needed by a website is because of the fact that search engines look at a certain criterion when they are ranking a certain page on their search results. These criteria include the relevance of the information contained in a given page to what the user is looking for. If a website has images that are not relevant to the topic of the information posted on it, then the search engine will deem it as being irrelevant and not useful for its visitors.

And the worst thing that can happen is that the viewer may not even be able to access the information on the site because he or she would hit an error when trying to click on it.